308 – “Watch What You Eat During The Holiday” Is Bull****

Its no secret that many of us cheat and/or indulge during the holiday time!  As a result some of us gain weight and we often feel guilty based on our decisions.  Many blogs and video talk about “how to make better decisions during the holidays” and they are usually very good tips if you can do it!

For some that does not work so here is another approach.  My opinion is work out HARD! Don’t stop working out and following your diet/nutrition UNTIL its time to cheat.  Work out so hard and follow your diet so well that you can go out and indulge and enjoy yourself without any guilt.  I recognize the this is an extreme version but for many people it work!  Follow your plan all the way to the end.  There will be plenty of time to have that chocolate cake, beer, or whatever and if you work hard enough, you will know for sure that you deserve it!


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