5 Green Tips For a Healthier Life

Living a healthier life may require some changes but it does not always have to cost a fee.  Healthy living typically accompanies healthy habits so here are a few ways you clean live a healthier, cleaner, and greener life!

Take off your shoes

This simple cost effective technique can help reduce chemical irritants in the house as well as help keep it clean.  Using shoes and sneakers allow us to walk all over. Places like parks, malls, streets, sidewalks, etc.  While getting outside can be used for exercise, these areas are often contaminated with fertilizers, antifreeze from cars, oils, gasoline, dog poop, and potentially a host of other chemical irritants that may stick to the bottom of your feet.  Taking off your shoes before entering the home will help prevent the spread of environmental contaminants around your house and help you lead a cleaner and greener life.


 We all know the benefits of having good hygiene and keeping clean and  cleaning the household with natural and/or more pure products will promote a healthier lifestyle.  Using soap and water on countertops as apposed to a chemical spray is a great alternative. Do you really want a chemical spray residue to be in contact with the same countertop you prepare your food on?   Using citrus fruits such as limes and lemons are also great all purpose cleaners. Deodorizers such as essential oils and baking soda can be a great way to eliminate or enhance the aroma within your home.

Air Purifier/Filter/Window:

Having a clean air-duct or air filter can greatly improve the air quality that circulates within the home.  Most people wait too long or forget to change there filters on a frequent basis.  All that dust, fungus and irritants can be circulating in the home in small amounts or even large.  Make a regular habit of changing and/or cleaning air filter systems. Keeping a window open more often (even in the winter) can help with clean fresh airflow in the house as well.

Food Storage

 Proper cleanliness and storage of your food is essential to maintaining a clean food environment.  States and government require restaurants to uphold a standard of care for your food, and therefore, you should too.  Defrosting your food by thawing it in a fridge over the course of a day or two is much healthier than placing some frozen meat on the counter and leaving it there for 8 hours to defrost.  This will cut down on potential bacterial contamination and even illnesses like food poisoning.

Food Washing

 Washing or rinsing your food is a good habit to get into. In todays modern world there are many people who handle your food before you even get to it.  From the farm to the shelves, your food may touch a variety of peoples hands before you get to it.  Washing your food can be a great way to avoid pesticides and other irritants that would otherwise go directly into your body!  Wash up!

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