Have you been doing exercises to help your injury and its not really helping?

This is a very common frustration I hear especially when you have been to a Physical Therapist/Chiropractor and they told you to do exercises.


Research shows that exercise is one of the best things you can do to improve your pain/injuries so why is it not working?


#1 You have Introduced Strength/Stability Exercises Too Soon!


Many patients come into the office stating that they are doing strength training to help.


The truth is that you have missed a major step & your rehab is out of order!


You need to first focus on pain relief, then core work.  It would be like getting into the car and trying to drive, then turning on the engine.


Remember, things MUST happen in order for them to work properly.


#2 You are stretching too much. 


Have you been stretching your legs, and not feeling any relief?  Is the pain getting worse?  Do you feel like the stretches are wasting your time?


Stretching is the most common thing, yet I have NEVER seen anyone get better from JUST Stretching.  


Stretching can be useful, but it has to happen at the right time.  Often times, your injury has a nerve component to it and if you stretch too much you can irritate the nerve, thus it often makes things worse in the long term.


#3 The exercises you are doing are not good for your body.


Not all exercises are created equal!


If you choose the wrong exercise or make it too difficult at the beginning, you can have increased lower back pain and delay your healing.


There are some that are better for your body type and injury, while others are worse. Research shows this and you can do 4 correct exercises but if you pick 1 bad one, it can undo a lot of the work!  

This is why you may be having progress, then never reach a specific point in feeling good.


We call this exercise selection, and selecting the right exercises is based on your back pain type, your symptoms, history, what has/has not worked, etc.


#4 You are only focusing one region of your pain


Your pain has a lot to do with other areas of the body.


So when you are rehabbing your injury, are you trying to fix one area or are you trying to help fix your body movements?


Thinking that, “it’s just one area in pain” is wrong!

You MUST focus on the CAUSE of back pain and work the entire body. 


#5 You have the wrong diagnosis.

Too many people get a diagnosis that is not accurate and does not take all the above-mentioned things into consideration.  Doing all the exercises and everything properly will NOT help if you treat the wrong thing.

So make sure you get a high-quality evaluation by a competent provider.  This will give you the best first step!


Dr. Josh

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