Have you ever been so sore in your legs?  When that happens, have you noticed that when you are stiff in your hips, you use your lower back more?

The hips are the engine of human movement.

They generate power and have a lot of mobility.  If you do not have the mobility with your hips it will have to come from somewhere else, namely the low back.

Poor hip mobility = back pain!

In almost every back injury I see, there is some work that has to be done on the hips and/or pelvis region.

If you want to fix your lower back pain, you must improve your hip mobility! 

If you want to prevent low back pain, learn how to use your hips properly!

Want to be more active, fit, and athletic, it’s all in the hips…  You get the point.

If you are struggling with lower back and hip pain, watch this video.  I made an extensive video for you showing how to do hip mobility and warm up your hips.

Dr. Josh

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