How many times have you heard deadlifts are bad for your back?

Well, the truth is deadlifts are one of the absolute best exercises for total body health, strength, and mobility, and when done properly they can help lower back pain!

Hear me out for a second…

Deadlifts get a bad rap for hurting people and increasing low back pain because most people lack mobility and technique.  Deadlifts are called a HINGE exercise and require good foot/ankle position and lots of strength and power within the hips & core.

For this reason, you should be doing a hinge exercise.

Now, since deadlifts are hinge, should you deadlift?  Not necessarily…

If you lack the strength, mobility, or technique, you’ll hurt your lower back, but you should consider doing some sort of variation of a deadlift or some sort of hinge exercise regularly! 

There are great alternatives that have all the benefits but fewer risks so that you do not cause lower back pain.

Remember, if you want to fix your back pain, and get stronger, you’ll need to learn how to hinge properly and strengthen that hinge.

That’s why I created a great alternative to the deadlift video for you
Dr. Josh

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