One of the biggest reasons why people enroll in my program is because they say, “I can always guess the next treatment or exercise they were going to give me.”

Has this happened to you?

You go to a Chiropractor or PT, and you literally know everything they are going to do, and it’s not really helping much!  It’s almost like a waste of time to go there because you can do the exercises on your own anyway. 

Then why do we go anyway?  Maybe it’s hope?  Maybe we are tired enough of the pain that we will try something different?

Either way, if your care is “Cookie Cutter” and you can guess the exact exercises, it’s not working, it may be time to enroll in our program OR find someone new!

Again, this is the #1 reason people choose to work with us…  They had failed PT/Chiro, and want more!  


PS If you want more from your PT or Chiro, then schedule a FREE Discovery Session Now! You’ll get the chance to come in, ask us any questions you have, and get a free screening to see if we can help.  Yes, it’s free.