Every day I look at my wall and I see pictures that I printed out years ago…

These pictures are things I want to achieve in my life & it’s called a vision board.  It’s something that you work towards every day!

If you are having pain or back pain, you need to not only have a VISION of what pain-free looks like, but you need to have a clear roadmap and plan to get there!

What does it look like?
What activities can you now do?

While a vision board can help keep you on the path, it’s the plan and roadmap that will actually get you there!

If you don’t have a plan for your roadmap yet, that’s okay but it’s time to get started with one.  Especially, if you feel stuck with your injury/pain.

Heck, just start by printing out some pictures.  You don’t need to know the exact path right now, but you do need to know where you are going.

Dr. Josh

PS  If you need any help, contact us and we can schedule a call to see if we can help.