When Stretching Does Not Help Low Back Pain

I just had a bit of an awkward conversation with a patient and here is how it went.


Stretching is one of those things that almost everyone does but without much thought.  They just say, “I’m tight” and stretch without any reason why.  If you understand that pain and tightness are sensations…

They are a response from receptors within the body that give you feedback about what is going on.  When you are tight and you immediately stretch without thought, you are chasing a dangling carrot.   So what are you stretching?  Why are you stretching that muscle?  What is this tightness in response to?

Meaning, why are you tight?  Is there an injury or is your body giving you a warning sign and protecting yourself from further irritation or damage to the joint, muscle, or nerve?

The bottom line is that stretching does not help with sciatica, low back pain, and most other injuries.  If you have been stretching for days, weeks, or months, and really not getting the results you deserve then it’s time to change it up.  Come join us and thousands of other patients who have gotten results from a PROVEN PLAN!

We have been in practice for nearly 13 years (at the time of this writing) and we are confident we can help you with your sciatica or other injury!

Dr. Josh

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