There is no such thing as a neutral spine when you are playing sports!

This is the reason you keep getting injured when you return to your sport or activity.

So, when you are out there on the field giving it your all, your spine can end up in any position!

Then why do people say, “Train with a neutral spine?” 

Evidence shows that a  stiffer spine that is maintained in a neutral position does not get hurt as much.  The problem is that when you are doing sports, it’s nearly impossible to maintain a neutral spine.  

That is why after a back injury and as soon as you go back to your sport BOOM!  The injury comes right back!




This is because most people do not train the spine in sport-specific rehabilitation.  The result is that you feel better until you hurt yourself again doing the same thing over and over.

To fix your body, it’s going to take proper programming and rehab!

If this is you, and to get to the end goal of doing the activity you love, you’ll likely need someone who truly understands the mechanics of the spine and your sport. 


To summarize:
A neutral spine is likely good for the rehab phase but when returning to sports or activity, you’ll need to stress the spine in a sport-specific movement so that your injury does not come back.


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