Easy Stress Reducing Techniques

Through my own clinical experience with patients, I know that stress literally hurts people!  Patients walk out one day feeling great, the next time they come into the office in a mess!  What happened between this time?  A bad day at work, too much sitting, not enough exercise, or personal time, etc.  Need I say more?

Stress can be a whole book in itself and studies show that it decreases mental function, increase aches and pains, raise blood pressure, heart rate and can reek havoc on the body.  I wanted to share with you my own personal top 5 stress relieving techniques.

  • Yoga/Mediate/Breath– Engaging in yoga & focus on centering yourself and your body in the present moment.  This is done though physical, mental and spiritual awareness. Stretching helps combat tight muscles and tension brought on by you. Breathing techniques utilized helps engage the core, slow your heart rate, and control your cortisol levels by adding oxygen to your body.  You don’t need a yoga or meditation studio!  Engaging in just 10 minutes of breathing techniques can make a big difference.
  1. Nature- High tension? Hit the hills, lakes, ocean, or your favorite nature spot.  Going for a walk in nature, a quiet park, or observing a scenic view can ease your mind and body.  We are part of the earth and taking ourself out of the office and into nature can be one of the most beneficial things for you!  When we are in nature, we are aware of the beautiful things that we come from.  Go plug yourself in, you wont regret it!
  1. Music- Having a small list of your favorite 3-5 songs on a playlist or readily available can really spark some energy. Listen to them in a comfortable area and away from your stressor. You will be surprised how well and how much energy you will have after.
  1. Tackle your stressor-Often times we know what is stressing us and why.  Why not take a step back, identify the problem and eliminate the stressor head on?  Yes, it may take some effort but often times if you think of a plan, act on it, and address the issue (boss, friend, child, mess in the house) head on you will feel exhilarated knowing that your just conquered your stress.  You will feel empowered and in control of your life.
  1. Martial Arts/Gym- Sometimes nothing more than some personal time and focusing on you is the best.  The way I engage is through martial arts and the gym.  “Take care of your body, its the only place you have to live.”  Hitting the gym and getting physical will allow you to release your tension, warm up muscles, and release endorphins.  So go ahead, hit the punching bag.
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