Ep 247 – Fixing an Ankle Sprain Injury

Ankle Sprain and Ankle Injuries

Ankle sprains can be very difficult to treat because of the amount of receptors that are located in the foot and ankle. When you injure the ankle, you also injure the receptors that are embedded within the ankle. These receptors help to determine pressure, sensation, balance, coordination, muscle activity, etc.   Not to mention, the ankle has some of the most receptors of any area in the body.

When you also injure the ankle you likely also injure muscles attaching to the leg and foot.  Most ankle injures have an associated strain of the peroneus longus and brevis muscle located on the outside of the leg.  Healing from an ankle injury requires you mobilize and strengthen this group of muscles.

In this release focuses on those exact muscles that are responsible for eversion of the foot and as a result, allow you to possibly recover faster.

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