Ep 273 – Toe Mobilization for Better Foot Health

Moving the Great Toe For Foot Health

The great toe is called “The Great Toe” for good reason.  It is where we place a lot force that transitions into and through that area.  Toe injuries occur in a lot of people such as dancers, those athletes that sprint, martial artists, diabetics, and especially those with bunions or those wear heels and other restrictive footwear.

Use this mobilization to flex and extend through a range of motion and when you find that end range of restriction you can hold it there to help improve the foot mobility.  Foot injuries can make it difficult to transition and compensation can lead to other areas of the joint becoming overworked.  Commonly if the foot is not working properly you can likely see hip and or low back pain begin to occur.

Keep that foot and great toe mobile, happy, and healthy!

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