Ep 284 – Improve Shoulder Stability With Side Plank (3 Variations)

Side Plank for Shoulder Stability 

If you just suffered shoulder pain and injury then chances are you are having what we call instability to that joint.  First, instability is a term that means too much movement.  Now, the shoulder in general moves a lot but after an injury it can move more.  A common instability injury in the shoulder is a dislocation.

When training the shoulder and since it moves so dynamically, you also want to focus on shoulder stability exercises.  The shoulder plank (side plank) is not only a great core workout but it can help shoulder strength.  There are three ways you can do this as seen in the video but when doing this make sure you contract you scapular stabilizing muscles (shoulder blade muscles) to keep your shoulder joint in an optimal position.  This will help reinforce the correct joint position.

To complete this exercise do it for time (seconds) and progress to minutes if you can.  Repeat a few times until you start to really feel the muscles fatigue.  This will help shoulder pain and hopefully prevent future injuries to come as well as strength the hand, wrist, elbow, upper back, and core/lower back!

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