Ep 289 – Fixing Jiu-Jitsu Rib Injuries (Part 2)

Fix Your Jiu-Jitsu Injuries 

As many of you know I train jiu-jitsu often so I have personally and professionally dealt with a lot of these injuries.  That being said, rib injuries in jiu-jitsu are very common and learning how to rehabilitate them properly can enhance your recovery from them.

In this part 2 episode, I go over stretching the ribs which helps to lengthen the ribcage, cartilage, and the muscles in between the ribs.  Using a belt or a strap you can use this technique to help elongate the ribcage better.  Keep in mind that this will also stretch the shoulders but if you are suffering from an acute or fairly recent rib injury, progressing to this stretch/exercise too soon may exacerbate the symptoms.

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