Ep 297 – Chiropractic. Do You Have A Bone Out Of Place?

Chiropractic. Do You Have a Bone Out of Place?

Traditional or old school Chiropractic thought was if you have a bone out of place it can place pressure on a nerve which can then cause dysfunction.  The truth is you likely DO NOT have a bone out of place and the old school model of Chiropractic is not only inaccurate and flat out wrong but it oversimplifies what actually happening to the body.

Basically, if you have a bone that is out of place that means you have a dislocation.  According to all the research and modern day practice, we know that when we are aligning or doing adjustments to the spine we are stimulating the nervous system to heal as I had mentioned in other videos.  We are NOT putting a bone back into place.  We are simply putting pressure onto a joint (adjusting it), adding more movement to it which creates that favorable stimuli that we are looking for.

So Why Do Many Chiropractors Still Say Bone Out Of Place?

Hmmmm good question.  Well, the most obvious answer would be flat out laziness.  It is such an easy concept to understand which is bone out of place = pain and problem but as I mentioned it is not only incorrect but it provides a dis-service to the patient because you are not properly educating them on what is exactly happening.  The result also leads to improper perception of Chiropractic within the profession itself.

Lets face it, educating people is timely and energy consuming therefore, most people try and skip the necessary step to expedite the process.  Chiropractors need to remember that the word “Doctor” means “to teach.”  Yes, we are supposed to help others with their body but we are supposed to teach and educate others.

The conclusion leads to an overly simplistic model, poor doctor education and communication as well as an undereducated patient.  Anyone who uses this bone out of place model without the use of some depth is likely missing the true premises of what Chiropractic is and NOT properly taking the time to educate others.

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