Ep 299 – What Does Pain Mean?

What Does Pain Mean?

Pain comes in all forms.  From burning your hand on a hot stove to neck, low back, hip shoulder, etc.  but WHAT IS PAIN?

Pain is a neurological signal sent to the body from the brain!  It is a way of brain communicating that there is damage, injury, or an unpleasant stimuli that can hurt you or create further injury to the body.

If you are currently in pain and been suffering for a while with pain, this is a signal that you MUST change and do something different.  It is a way if your body crying for help and that something is wrong.  If something is crying for help and is wrong well… you guessed it, it needs to be saved and you need to do something!

When you are in pain, you cannot thrive and truly be well.  When in pain and chronic pain you body then sends signals that increase inflammation, and they also release stress hormones all the time.  I encourage you that if you are still reading on and are in pain MAKE THAT CHANGE!  Go see a professional that can help, stop guessing, being stubborn, and start feeling and more importantly LIVING WELL.  You will thank me but more importantly, you will thank yourself.

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