You should always work to improve your posture because it will affect how your body functions!

Poor posture = pain & poor performance.  

Now, nobody is going to be perfect, but if you can do a few things I suggest below, you are going to have better alignment within your spine, better symmetry, mobility, and strength, and you are going to FEEL better!

In many injuries, you will see patients who have these types of problems.

The trick is to not let this happen and to do this before it’s too late.  So, to improve your posture do the following:

1. Focus more on back strengthening – Always do more back strengthening than the chest. Most people only focus on the “Mirror” muscles or muscles they can see.  Instead, you should be doing more back strengthening to help hold your posture in a good position.
2. Focus on head/neck strength – Sitting at a desk has allowed our head to translate forward into a bad position.  You should be taking breaks, doing rehab to help support your neck, and working to put this important part of your body in a good position.
3. Posterior chain activation – The posterior chain is the back part of your body but also includes the hamstrings, glutes, and spinal erectors.  These are the most important structures as they are used for power and support of our pelvis and spine.

Dr. Josh

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