Sitting down or even driving with lower back pain is one of the worst things you can do!

It creates poor core activation, compresses the spine, and rounds the spine into a poor posture, which often increases the symptoms.  

We cannot avoid sitting or driving all the time, but if you do need to sit and you have lower back pain you should be doing a few things.

1. Take more breaks and walk around.

2. Add a lumbar support pillow.

3. Optimize your workspace ergonomics.

4. Do some exercise BEFORE you’re going to sit.

5. Put towels/props under the legs.

Finally, and the MOST IMPORTANT…

You NEED to get to the ROOT CAUSE of your injury and GET TREATMENT! 

Look, it’s no surprise that if you want to fix your lower back pain, the best and most proven way is to work with someone who has helped thousands of others with this exact condition!

If you’d like us to be that person, great!  If not, our feelings aren’t hurt (yet) but…

Why would you not work with someone who can truly help you & give you the best possible chance for success?


Dr. Josh

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