Here is the cold hard facts!  80% of people will experience debilitating low back pain in their life.  Debilitating means unable to work, bed rest, and stopping things that they would normally do!   That Sucks!

92% of people who have low back pain at least ONCE in their life, will have a reoccurrence (World Health Organization).

In my opinion, this statistic is higher and likely more like 98-99% because most people who have low back pain, do not always go back to their provider

So what’s the good news?

97% of people with low back disc herniations recovered when they had the right rehab plan! (Read the Study here – There were almost 280,000 people in it)

ONLY 3% had surgery!  The top 3 risk factors for surgery were:
1. Male
2. Opioid Use
3. Having Injections (Highest Risk Factor)

My advice is to have a plan! You are more likely to succeed with the right plan.


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