Have you ever been to a doctor or therapist and they said, “It’s all in your head?” 

If you are having long-standing or chronic pain, this is a common statement other doctors say!

But… Is it true?

There is a lot of evidence out there that mental health and pain go hand in hand but the TRUTH is that about 89-92% of pain, has a REAL CAUSE!  

So if this is rooted in evidence, then why do some doctors/therapists say it?

Well, it’s because they themselves cannot find out the root cause of your pain or problem.  And let’s get to the facts here…

Most MDs don’t do rehab, they don’t have the time to assess you fully, ask much about your lifestyle/fitness, and they cannot get a full picture of your entire story in about 7-15 min (average visit time for MD).  This goes for ANY professional!

If your provider is not giving you the time you need to assess your problem OR give you the exact rehab plan, then you are likely missing out on 89-92% of the problem!  

So in all honesty here, the pain you have (long-term or short-term) is NOT all in your head!  There are many factors! Stress, sleeping, posture, rehab program, technique, programming, adaptation, and if you are not taking them ALL into consideration you missing an A LOT!


My advice is you MUST START WITH A GOOD REHAB & EXERCISE PROGRAM!  Exercise and rehab are proven to help ALL CONDITIONS & if your program is not good, then your foundation is faulty and there is much less of a chance you will get better!


Dr. Josh

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