Pain is frustrating and confusing enough…

but what if your pain is not ACTUALLY coming from that area at all?

Of course, the goal is to get out of pain, but sometimes the advice is not up to date at all!

You know, things like Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation (RICE).  They do have their place but for the most part, this is outdated!  Or just stretch and roll it out…

The BIGGEST Problem I often see is that people think that the pain they have is coming from that exact location. 

We all have used that lacrosse ball/foam roller to help a tight muscle in our shoulder blade.  How about the Piriformis and hamstring stretching we do for tight hips?

Did you know that about 40% of ALL PAIN comes from your spine?

This means that if you are trying to treat an area that has pain, there is a BIG chance it is coming from your spine as the primary source or a major source!

No wonder why treating the back & neck is so effective!

In addition, you need to look for the ROOT CAUSE of the pain.  So if your pain is actually present, you will need to look above and below to see if it is actually part of the problem.

I know this is confusing but if you are NOT feeling better, seeing improvement, or getting the results fast enough, there is a LARGE CHANCE YOUR PAIN IS COMING FROM ANOTHER AREA!

Please write back and let me know your thoughts or if you have a question!

Dr. Josh

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