Have you ever heard of phases of care?

Well, basically if you are in pain, you NEED to be doing the right exercises at the right time.  

Too many people do the wrong exercises when they are in pain, and this often keeps them in pain.  Knowing exactly where you are is important because if you do the proper movement at the right time, you’ll feel better.

To get better, we use phases of care…  Here is our rule of thumb:

  • If you have a 5/10 pain or more, you are in the pain relief phase and need to focus more on pain relief.
  • If you have a 2-4/10 pain, you are likely in the corrective state where we can really start to correct the root cause of the problem.
  • If you are 0-1/10, then it’s time to really strengthen your body and make sure this does not happen again.

Doing this is the key because you are systematically attacking the pain & injury in order!


Dr. Josh