A Quick Answer to “What is Paleo?

What is it?

Paleo is the short word for Paleolithic Era. It refers to the ancestral lifestyle approach of getting good quality foods and exercises (well stick just with the food for now).

Plain and simple, just eat what a caveman would eat. The Paleo Diet refers to eating the way our hunter-gathers ancestors would haven eaten. This excludes more modern methods such as modernized farming practices and of course, todays processed foods.

Eating Paleo is one of the most natural ways you can eat because it aligns with ones genetics and therefore, provides you with the raw nutrients you need to function your best. Once you start, you will be amazed to see how powerful your diet is and how much control you have over your own health.

Is It A Fad?

Nope, Paleo has been around since humans were born. In today’s modern world, everything is about a lifestyle approach and this is no different.   For the most part, you can eat all you want as long as it falls within the “what is allowed” range.

Check out his quick guide:

Allowed Not Allowed/Avoid
Seafood Alcohol
Lean Meats Processed Foods
Fats (Healthy) Sugars and Candy
Seeds and Nuts Dairy
Fruits Grains
Vegetables Legumes

Should You Do It?

I sometimes answer questions with other questions. I find that asking questions may give you insight to what you actually want for yourself. After all, this is about you!

So… Do you need a change? Why are you doing this? What benefits are you looking for? Have other diets failed? Do you have a specific food allergy or health condition? Are you feeling fatigued, sick, etc? Are you sick of being sick and tired of things that don’t work?

I likely did not answer your question of “should I do it” but if you are still reading, then I will ask you again, DO YOU NEED A CHANGE? I have found that the Paleo Diet is really a fancy term for the anti-inflammatory diet and eating healthy foods helps to eliminate many of the toxins and bad habits we have formed over time!

Where to Start?

 It is very easy to get distracted with all the information out there. I always say start at the beginning. If you are a smoker but want to change you ways and eat healthy, start with food or start with the cigarette. Either way, you have to start with something.

My advice is to get rid of anything in the house that you even question at all. “Is this healthy?” The answer is getting rid of it! Try to start by eliminating bread and/or alcohol. Just do one thing at a time!

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