If you suffer from headaches then you know they can be disabling.  Headaches are the #1 reason for missed workdays (sick days).

The most common form of headache is called a tension headaches.  They typically arise from tension from the neck as well as the muscles that attach underneath the skull.  We call these the suboccipital muscles.

Oftentimes, there is a feeling of tightness at the base of the skull or neck and tension or tightness that goes around the forehead or up to the forehead.

While headaches and tension in the neck have many causes the top reasons people often have headaches are due to neck tension or injuries, poor posture stress, fatigue, and dehydration.

Of course, there are other factors but we find that there are often neck injuries and tension that can be released!

Fortunately, we see a lot of success with treatment when you release the neck muscles.
Check out our video below on how to release some tension on your own.

Dr. Josh & Staff! 

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