Low back pain is already difficult to deal with but most people are doing things that make it harder to recover!  You know,  the radiating pain that goes into the glutes/butt, thigh, or leg, can be intense and the further it goes down, the more irritation of the nerve you have!

There is plenty of things you can do to positively help yourself, but you MUST avoid some of the common mistakes that are likely & unknowingly increasing your pain.


Rest on a Couch, Bed, or Chair

You already know that sitting for long periods of time is not good for you.  The lack of movement is not only bad for blood flow but can and will only weaken you over time.  It’s not good for your posture which can then put more pressure on the nerve!

You likely won’t notice the pain while resting, but when you have to get up or move after this period of time, it will become obvious that your pain has increased or you have become stiffer!

Avoid Stretching Forward!

Most people think that stretching the back, hamstrings, and glute by doing the piriformis or figure 4 stretch… but that will likely create more of your problem! 

Sciatica is not a muscle problem, it is a disc, joint, and nerve problem and by stretching these areas, you are putting more pressure on the disc and nerve when you bend forward!

Yes, you likely get TEMPORARY relief, but it doesn’t last and often creates a cycle of pain or consistent irritation of the nerve.  STOP stretching, as you are likely increasing the pain, and problem, and could be causing more damage or delaying your healing!

Let MRI/X-ray determine your treatment

The truth is (and research backs this up) that you cannot always determine if the disc is always part of the pain.  This means there are many people with a positive MRI but yet have no pain!

The biggest thing is IF the disc is negatively impacting the nerve and your movement mechanics.  How you move, truly will influence your spine & its symptoms.

Movement gives real-time and live feedback about what is happening to your body.


Keep Moving!

Try to stay active as much as you can within reason and without creating symptoms!  Do the best you can and the key here is not to create any more or additional pain.

You want to try to find movements that not only feel good but give you pain relief in BOTH, the immediate & long term.  I know this can be hard, but you will have to pay attention to this as you go about your day.

Watch your Posture.

Your body position, posture, and how you move GREATLY influence your spinal health and pain!

slouched posture will give you more compression to the nerve and it’s important to find postures in your active life that help your spine.

Talk to a Movement Specialist!

It is possible to get out of pain & do it on your own but at what cost? You time, energy, frustration, and months of pain?

In order to get rid of sciatica, you must find better ways to move.  Work with someone who understands the spine, mechanics, and your pain.  This will accelerate your recovery FASTER and get you back to the things you love!

Hoping this helps!

Dr. Josh

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