If you have been foam-rolling your lower back or Piriformis muscle STOP!  

Most people are doing it incorrectly & it’s just delaying your recovery!  

A foam roller can help ease tension in muscles and help the fascial system but if you foam roll over the lower back, this can be too much of a curvature.

Too much curvature can increase the risk of more compression or pain, especially if your lower back is already hurt.

Look, you CANNOT get better if you keep HURTING YOURSELF!  

This is one of the most common ways people unknowingly hurt themselves and learning to foam roll properly (if at all) can be the difference maker in you fixing your low back pain.

What to do instead?

  • Try to roll out the muscles on the side of the spine using an angle
  • Work on mobility within the spine
  • Foam roll the thigh, hip, and pelvic musculature instead.

If you need more of a detailed video, check the video below!

Dr. Josh

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