Stop STRETCHING YOUR HAMSTRINGS and put your stretching mat or strap away for a second.

You’re doing too many stretches and not getting enough pain relief, PLUS stretching is not actually strengthening your Low back/Spine!

Stretching is one of the WORST ways to fix low back pain.

You have likely already noticed that you don’t have long-term relief, and in many cases, the pain, discomfort, or tightness gets slightly worse right after stretching.

As a result, you are left with more tightness (stretching), and frustration that your low back may not get better.

Here’s a secret…

This is one of your #1 mistakes, is stretching and…

Because it does not provide long-term relief, you are likely to be even more frustrated, and overwhelmed, even when you are “Doing the right thing” that your Doctor told you to do.

The major difference between those who GET OUT OF PAIN and those who DO NOT is simple.

If you’ve got the path, the plan, and the step-by-step process to pull yourself out.

Do you think professional athletes, when weightlifting or going to the locker room before a game don’t have a strategy?

You CAN get out of pain and finally build strength so that you can have more confidence in your body and health, and get back to the things you love!

Cool, Josh, so where do I start, you might be asking?

Freedom from frustration starts with the POWER OF PROCESS, my brand-new video series.

Access this new EPIC video series (seriously, I spent a lot of time actually creating this process and training for you!)

We divided the process into 3 simple phases, so you know EXACTLY where you are today, where you’re going tomorrow, and what the long-term goal should be!

We’ll run through some of the frameworks that I use with my patients both in person, and online that actually get results!

This is your chance to finally see a process to heal your low back pain, a TRUE plan, and a roadmap.

NOT just some cookie-cutter exercises that MOST Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, or Doctors give!

This is your chance to ditch that hat collection for good (WAIT— keep the visor!—you never know when you’ll need protection)…

So if you’re finally ready to have some clarity, and confidence in your body, this training series is for you.