If you have suffering and dealing with lower back pain for months or years, you are NOT ALONE!  

Lower back pain often lasts a long time and here is what it actually looks like…

It may not be debilitating to the point where you are in bed all the time but… it does make you stop, and question your activity, movement, and body!  

Let’s face it, you are doubting and second-guessing yourself now!

You’re likely not pushing yourself in the gym as you try to avoid that lower back tweak!  You’re also not fully engaged in activities you love and often time you are left thinking about what you are going to do if this comes back!

All these lower back issues are taking up precious brain space and occupying your mind with “what-ifs.”

Again, this is no way to live!  In fear of a constant thought that your back is going to fail or go out on you!

Sound familiar to you?

Mark had all this, but he did not want to settle on “just getting by.”  He wanted to live his life!

Mark wanted control of his pain, control of his life, and wanted to stay active and healthy.  He did not want to have constant fear and be living on thin ice all the time.  So he started searching for a long-term solution to his back pain!

Mark finally came in after trying many different therapists, and doctors and suffering ongoing pain for 7-8 years on and off.  He used to be active and his job required him to sit, stand, and bend at times. He also liked to go to the gym 3-4x a week and play recreational activities but that was mostly off the table for the last 3 years now!

After MRIs, MD appointments, and basic insurance PT, he was NOT much better!

At this point in his injury, all he did was “try to take it easy.” He never really pushed during his exercises, or rehab, and was just going through the motions.  After much time, he was basically modifying everything around the house, at work, and in recreation.

I remember him saying, “I am probably doing about 60% of what I could do”

When he started to work with us, Mark saw massive improvements in 3 months!  He was nearly 85% better and back to the gym 3x a week.  Within 5-6 months Mark was about 100%

So what was the difference that helped him?

First, this is NOT your “Traditional” PT/Rehab approach, because if we did that, he would get the same results! Because of this, we are not a good fit for everyone who just has pain.

We took the time to find out the root cause of his problem, he did all the exercises we prescribed, and we eliminated some of the worst ones.  Of course, we did other things but…

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Dr. Josh

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