Many people ask me, “What can I do to improve my healing?”

Supplements are definitely an option, and Quality is important. 

Now before I get into the actual supplements, I’ll tell you, this is an addition to your rehab & care, but should replace your rehab!

1. Omega 3 Fish Oil – While these pills are great at fighting inflammation, they tend to be more expensive and oftentimes are not clinically effective until 45-60 days.   If you are already taking them or want to really help inflammation, it’s recommended you take 2-3 g per day.
2. B-Vitamin Complex – B-Vitamins are great for energy and health and have shown great effectiveness for those with nerve pain.  In addition, they are on the more affordable side.
3. Vitamin D3 – Now called Hormone D, because it’s so important for the immune system function.  There are not many other supplements that have such a high-quality effect.
4. Turmeric – This has been talked about a lot and is great to help reduce inflammation.
5. Collagen – When undergoing soft tissue injuries, I recommend collagen supplements.  Collagen is in our discs, bones, tendons, ligaments, and fascia and makes up a LOT!
6. Disc-Flex or Inflammatone – These are a blend of different supplements that are geared towards healing your disc

Remember, quality is critical here, otherwise you are wasting your money!  As a result, I linked two trusted websites that I recommend, with some of my top recommendations.

We recommend Designs for Health or Pure Encapsulations


Dr. Josh

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