If you have been dealing with Sciatica or ANY pain in your calf, you may have some REAL problems!

The Sciatic nerve runs down from your back and into your legs and when it’s pinched, it can cause calf pain, numbness, and weakness.

Weakness in your calf can cause ankle pain, foot pain, loss of balance, altered mechanics, and even reduced heart strength and Dementia!

Yes! This is true.  

Think about it for a second, your calf is known as your “second heart” because it uses a big muscle contraction to help return the blood back to the heart.

If this muscle is weak, you’re not pumping blood back to the heart (upwards) and the brain.  As a result, there is no evidence that weakness can lead to Dementia.

The answer is to strengthen your calf muscles but… if you cannot do that because of nerve pain, then you need to get rid of the ROOT CAUSE, which is pressure on the nerve!  

Basically, with each passing day that you have weakness or pain in the calf, you are risking reduced heart and brain strength.


Dr. Josh

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