Have you been stretching your pain and injury? 

Have other therapists told you that you’re tight and need to stretch more?

Let’s face it, you know how to stretch, and is not complex or hard to do! But then why are you not getting the results you want?

Stretching for MOST pain & injuries is like ONLY having wheels on a car.  You’ll be able to get somewhere but you really DO NOT have anything powering you in the right direction.

A study on injury prevention showed that stretching only reduced injuries by 4% whereas strengthening helped to do this by 69%!  

Stretching not only is ineffective, but you have also likely noticed that it only provides short-term relief, or it actually increases your pain.  It would be best if you had a better ROI (return on your investment of time).

If stretching is so ineffective for injury prevention, then why do we apply it to injuries?  My opinion is that people just don’t know better OR they do not actually have a proven method and step-by-step plan for these conditions.

The way we have helped thousands of people get rid of low back pain is by avoiding stretching at first!  Yes, I know it seems counterintuitive because you feel tight, but if you have an injury and you keep irritating the area, it’s going to slow down your healing process!

Here are some other reasons why stretching may not be helping you:

1. Acute injuries: Immediately after an acute injury, such as a muscle strain or ligament sprain, stretching can potentially worsen the condition due to the inflammation.

2. Inflammatory conditions: Injuries that involve inflammation, such as tendonitis or bursitis, may not respond well to stretching. Inflammation typically needs to be reduced before stretching can be beneficial. Applying ice, and gentle mobility around the joint may be the best choice.

3. Tissue damage: Major injuries that result in significant tissue damage, such as muscle tears or fractures, may require more specialized treatment and rehabilitation.  This goes back to acute injuries & inflammation…

4. Nerve Pain – Many injuries are nerve related but feel like they are muscular!  This is the MOST COMMON reason stretching can increase injuries.  An irritated nerve from an injury does NOT want to be stretched further!  
In fact, this is very common in disc injuries, neck pain, radiating pain, or pain that creates a sensation of tightness on only one side.


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