So many people ask me, “What core exercises do I do?”

My response is, “I don’t.”  Sorta…

Most people think that a few good core exercises are key to a better back but the truth is that the real key is that you need to be completing compound movements.  

Compound movements involve working multiple muscle groups and the whole body at the same time.  By incorporating these types of exercises into your routine, you can effectively engage and strengthen your core muscles more permanently.

Wait, before you do this…

I am not bashing core exercises!

Most of the core exercises that I prescribe to my patients not only have the big picture in mind but are specifically designed to help rehabilitate them or to use to help reduce pain, or increase muscle tone.

Doing, plain old planks are great but remember, if you just do planks or one core exercise, you are doing core work in isolation, but remember thats not how the body works.  All parts have to work together.

To summarize:
– Core work should be done to help rehabilitate.
– Compound movements should be a way to progress yourself so that your entire body works well as a unit.

Keep. Moving!
Dr. Josh

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