The Worst Chiropractic Myth EVER!

The WORST Chiropractic Myth

Have you heard that “Once you go to a Chiropractor that you would have to go for the rest of your life?”

A lot of patients think that once you see a Chiropractor that you will always have to see one for the rest of your life. I’m here to go against the grain and let you know that this is mostly false but there is some truth to it.

Why it’s false?  

The truth is that some people just want to get out of discomfort and pain and do not want to engage in further treatments and that is perfectly fine! Actually, Chiropractic treatment can really help patients get a lot of relief in a very short period of time. Typically, when patients are in discomfort or pain in the initial stages it may require a few treatments to get them stabilized and out of pain. At the end of the day, it’s truly up to you if you want to continue care.

Worst of ALL!!! 

Many (not all) Chiropractors do not give their patient’s skills, rehabilitation techniques (videos like we do), exercises, and lifestyle advice in order to help them combat their own injuries. This creates a dependency on the Chiropractor, which is what many Chiropractors actually want. They really want you to feel like you need them all the time.

Want my opinion? Keep reading…

Why it’s True?

My philosophy is that if you want to obtain the benefits of a particular exercise or dietary strategy, you must do it! You cannot expect to go to the gym one time per month and obtain the benefits from what the gym has to offer. Essentially, we have to use it and work at it and this is true for anything else in life, work, etc.

The same is true for treatment. It is a lifestyle and if you want to reap the benefits of it, guess what, you have to go and use it. Chiropractic and soft tissue therapy (Active Release/Graston) is known to reduce healthcare costs, loosen up tight areas of the body, and contribute to overall sense of wellness and health. If health and wellness resonates with you, all you have to do is ask for it and do it!

The old saying goes, “everyone is different and has different needs” and as a result of that everybody’s treatment programs are different as well. Make sure you get the treatment that suits your needs and learn the skills, and techniques necessary for you to feel empowered and stay healthy.

We are here for you and help with your health needs. Book an appointment today to make sure you’re living healthy lifestyle.

In your health,

Dr. Josh Jagoda

P.S. Don’t get false information from others and start living a healthy lifestyle where you are in control! Go now and schedule an appointment with us!



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